How To Use VERA VIP Card

How To Use VERA VIP Card

by OJMD Exchange Collaborator

You can NOW SHOP MORE with VERA Membership Cards. Get yours while it's available and enjoy discounts and other future perks.

  • Each card has its own unique discount code. The discount code will be assigned to the customer who made the purchase and it will only work with the details recorded on our system of that specific customer.
  • Customers may avail 2 or more cards for themselves, however, only one discount code will be allowed for each transaction.

With Vera's Membership Card You can always get a whole 10% off all items in our store. Anytime any day for 6months straight! 


  • Once you receive the item, You will have the instructions on how to activate your card and start using it ASAP.
  • It comes with a letter and instructions on how to use your card. 
  • Visit
  • Fill in the details and activate your card

How To Use VERA VIP Card


Once your card it actiated, You can now use your card number to shop online. How? When you visit our site and you find a product you want to sell. Click on add to cart as shown below: 


After adding to cart. You may now proceed to your cart. Once you are in your cart. You can now click on "ORDER NOW"


Once you click on order now. You will be taken to a page to fill out your information. Please fill out all your information. To use your card, Please enter your card number in the discount code box. See image below:

You can now apply your discount code. Your order will be discounted as a VIP member. You can use your card anytime everyday or anytime you shop. Please remember to LOGIN whenever you use your card. If you are not logged in. You can't use your card. 




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